Experience IXD :: RIT Innovation Center :: 2.29.12 :: 4-7pm EST

I am happy to announce Experience IXD at the Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation Center on 2.29.12 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm EST. All are welcome. This judged event will show case MS HCI student interaction design strategies for new & novel products, systems and services. The panel of judges are from Eastman Kodak, the Saunders BusinessContinue reading “Experience IXD :: RIT Innovation Center :: 2.29.12 :: 4-7pm EST”

Two of the Last Rolls of Kodachrome…

For two years I have been working on special user experience projects at Eastman Kodak Company. Although Kodak is going through a tumultuous period there is still a place where innovation happens – some have called this place “The Cupboard under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive”. I work on the Advanced Technologies Generation Team and weContinue reading “Two of the Last Rolls of Kodachrome…”

A Google Moment

I couldn’t help relate to this Google + commercial being a new dad myself. The system and service Picsa enables has changed the photoware landscape. After working for Kodak for two years, as an employee and vendor I realized, my son will never know Kodak. Google and Facebook are filling the photo void Kodak leftContinue reading “A Google Moment”

George Eastman, the User Experience Designer of the Nineteenth Century

“The Kodak, invented by George Eastman (1854-1932), is perhaps the most significant commercial camera ever produced. The important feature of the Kodak was not the camera itself but the new photographic system marketed to support it.” BBC In pictures: Kodak’s development In 1888, George Eastman understood that the user experience is central to a successful product.Continue reading “George Eastman, the User Experience Designer of the Nineteenth Century”