The User Experience Scholarship Seminar at RIT

New Course at RIT: User Experience Scholarship Seminar is a team-centered scholarship course for any preexisting project/prototype in the HCI domain. The primary goal of this course is aimed at how to evaluate existing research projects/prototypes and prepare them for peer reviewed and disseminated ACM publication. Graduate students will be researching their project domains and creating either one full paper or one short paper and a demo/poster paper. Undergraduate students will also research their domains and create a demo or poster paper. During the quarter students will be submitting their research to leading international or domestic HCI conferences.

Starts: 13/3/2012
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:50am
Where: Innovation Center RIT

Announcement on Google Plus

Experience IXD :: RIT Innovation Center :: 2.29.12 :: 4-7pm EST

I am happy to announce Experience IXD at the Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation Center on 2.29.12 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm EST. All are welcome. This judged event will show case MS HCI student interaction design strategies for new & novel products, systems and services. The panel of judges are from Eastman Kodak, the Saunders Business School and the School of Informatics and Technologies at Rochester Institute of Technology.

BEST: Wizard of Oz, Use Case Scenarios, Workflow UI, Testing Strategy, Presentation

• Exercise to Socialize: Encouraging Peer Relations in the Fitness Center
• Improving Shopping Itemization through Contextual GPS Locations
• Enhancing Neighborhood Events through Mobile Augmentation
• Creating Purchasing Opportunity through Video Tutorials
• Enabling Entertainment Trajectories through Facebook Relationships
• Fashion Corner: Get Dressed Perfectly for Every Occasion
• Teaching Children Energy Conservation using a Plush Toy User Interface

I am very happy to have had the chance to work with these MS students, create this event and redesign the course ‘Usability Engineering’ at RIT. The event will be recorded.