Conversational Companions

CONVERSATIONAL PHOTO COMPANIONS: Framework 6 European Union Funded Project
The Senior Companion is a conversational interface to the internet developed by an European Union Framework 6 project called COMPANIONS. The Photo Companion uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning backed by a Dialogue Manager: Dragon Natural Language to tag your photos. The Photo Companion is designed to remove the keyboard-mouse paradigm for photo memory annotation and reminiscing. Our work at the Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University was the user experiences surrounding conversational photo UI. Our work was demoed at the Future Emerging Technologies Conference” in Prague, 2009.

Interaction Design: You may have noticed that the Senior Companion told a joke, gave background details about Edinburgh tourism locations and coughed. Although one reason for this is to make the UI seem more ‘human’ but its real purpose is to hide its shortcomings. We used chat bots and human noises to mask delays or errors in the dialogue manager. We used interaction to paste over the cracks when the systems needed a tidily bit of help.

This slide show highlights the Companions Project and our goals at the Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University, UK.

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