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Statement: The following projects are some of our first interactive works created from 2001 – 2005 using Macromedia Flash 4 & 5. These interactive web sites and photo collections are experiments. They are designed to move away from known principles of User Interface (UI) design. They are artistic and challenges the user to play, get lost and scratch their heads from time to time. Enjoy, have fun and explore. (FLASH PLAYER REQUIRED)
Senior Portfolio 2002:

Andrei Tarkovski (Winner 2002 AIGA)
The Path (2001 Flash 5)
Aim of Conrad (Flash 5 2001)
The Art of Tim Burton (Flash 5 2001)
First aDesignedPath web site 2002
9th Ward New Orleans – Katrina 2006
PhD Case Studies
PhD Case Studies 2007

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