Kodak User Interface Design

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame

The Kodak Pulse Digital Frame is a wifi-connected frame that enabled users to always receive fresh new photos from Facebook friends and family.

As Senior Interaction Designer for the post capture portfolio, I led interaction design commercialization efforts for the Award Winning Kodak Pulse Frame and web site. My responcibility was to analize and review usability and marketing data, uncover usability problems and design solutions for the second generations Kodak Pulse Frame and Web Site.

Problems: Kodak Pulse Frame Version 1.0

  1. Users felt overwhelmed by incoming photos.
  2. Older users wanted to comment on photos, but did not have a Facebook account.
  3. Users wanted a way to ensure their favorite photos remained on the device.
  4. Finding and assigning photos on the web site into groups was very difficult.

Solutions: Kodak Pulse Frame Version 2.0

  1. Easily navigate through photo collections by organizing photos into their related incoming stream; e.g., Facebook, Email, Kodak Gallery, etc.
  2. Created a photo Quick Comment feature – by pressing an Emoticon a comment would be posted on the sender’s Facebook wall.
  3. Quickly create photo collections by providing photo playlists on the Pulse Website.

The Quick Comment feature was well received from Kodak commercialization teams and reviewers during Engadget CES 2011: “Kodak adds Quick Comment option, activity sensor to refreshed Pulse digiframe”.

User Interface Design


ACM Interactions Magazine:
Older-Adult HCI: Why Should We Care?

Engadget Review:
Kodak Adds Quick Comment Option, Activity Sensor to Refreshed Pulse Digiframe

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame Goes Social Winner of 2011 Innovations Award for Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology

Kodak Play Touch

The Kodak Play Touch was Kodak’s first and only touch screen digital video camera. Released in 2010, this device ran on firmware and did not have the benefit leveraging commercially available mobile operating systems of today. From pushing the “Record” button to “Trim Video”, our team had to specify every interactive graphical asset and user interaction with this Information Architecture deliverable.

Information Architecture

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Engadget “Play Touch Preview