Porsche Principle Innovations – Documentary on Innovation in Corporate Culture

Professor Michael Shamiyeh, Head of Design-Organization-Media (DOM) Research Laboratory to Discuss PORCHE Innovations

When: 4.12.2013 – Time: 1:00 PM

Where: Student Hall of Innovation – Rochester Institute of Technology

Prof Shamiyeh is head of the DOM (Design -Organization – Media) Research Laboratory in Austria.  http://www.domresearchlab.com  He holds degrees from Harvard, AA London and TU Vienna. He is an expert on innovation, including corporate structures which promote innovation. He recently completed a major study of the history of innovations at Porsche.  As part of the project, he produced two DVDs which analyze the reasons for Porsche’s success, and include video interviews with their leading innovators and managers.

Prof. Shamiyeh is coming to Rochester for a project related to historical innovations at Kodak. He will be conducting video interviews with Steve Sasson, Ken Parulski, Dana Walcott, and several other Kodak inventors and senior managers.



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