Impact from the Mobile Experiences for Tourism Showcase RIT 11.15.2012

A huge congratulations to all the masters students last Thursday night Mobile Experiences for Tourism (MET) Showcase! The CEOs from Genesee Village Country Museum and VisitRochester had nothing but praise. Ontario county tourism representatives were too, massively impressed! VisitRochester said that we are on the cusp of a great opportunity to champion mobile tourism in NY State. Practitioners who look at tech in the tourism industry are no where close to what we are doing. VisitRochester sees us at the future of digital tourism in New York. Dr. Mival from Edinburgh Napier University was extraordinarily impressed and would welcome any MET student at Napier. If you are interested in exploring an interaction design PhD program in Scotland, contact Dr O’Keefe. Again, congratulations to all the Masters students from the Mobile Experiences for Tourism class at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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