Digital tourism and user experience design becoming a research focus at RIT

In the fall of 2011, I created a new course through the MS HCI program at Rochester Institute of Technology called Mobile Experiences for Tourism (MET). This course was developed with participation from the Eastern National Parks, Eastman Kodak Company and Edinburgh Napier University in the UK. Our course successfully designed solutions for several tourism locations in the Rochester area.

  • The Women’s  Rights Museum (National Park)
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • Historic High Falls Rochester
  • Genesee Country Village Museum

This Spring 2012, we are happy to continue and expand our research and development in the digital tourism domain. We are expanding our tourism prototypes for thousands of prospective freshmen students visiting the RIT campus. Our prototype will be available for testing in the Global Village.

Our prototypes from MET are being utilized in several other MS courses. Our projects are becoming core topics for publication, Usability Testing, the User Experience Scholarship Seminar and a handful of  potential capstone investigations. Stay tuned as developments continue.

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