Winners of the Experience IXD Competition at RIT 2.29.2012

Congratulations to all MS students of the Usability Engineering class for a great night of innovative interaction design.

Best Wizard of OZ:

Exercise to Socialize: Encouraging Peer Relations in the Fitness Center
Best Use Case Scenario:
Teaching Children Energy Conservation Using a Plush Toy
Best Wireframe UI/Prototype:
Enhancing Neighborhood Events through Mobile Augmentation
Best Testing Strategy:
Improving Shopping Itemization through Contextual GPS Location
Best Overall Presentation:
Enabling Entertainment Trajectories through Facebook Relationships

Ken Parulski – Chief Scientist Eastman Kodak Company
Richard Notargiacomo – Business Development Manager Saunders College of Business
Jeff Sonstein – Associate Professor GCCIS School of Informatics RIT
Stephen Mokey – MS HCI Student GCCIS School of Informatics RIT

Thank you to all our Judges for their insights during our event!

Experience IXD Competition at the Innovation Center 2.29.2012

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