What do a baby boy, WordPress, debugging HTML5 and Explorer have in common?

On Superbowl Sunday my wife and I gave birth to Declan Dennis O’Keefe. We are all beside ourselves with joy. See photo.

Baby Declan Dennis O'Keefe
Baby Declan Dennis O'Keefe

For nearly two months I have been teaching myself HTML5 and CSS3. I picked it up quickly and began creating a really nice web site for my company aDesignedPath for usabilitySolutions, LLC. The integration between Javascript, CSS and HTML is so easy and smooth. I made my new web site and it looks great in Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I was excited – I was almost complete – then I tested my web site in Windows Explorer and the web site blew up. Once again,  I experienced first hand how Microsoft is still up to its old tricks, causing problems by not complying with WC3 standards and making usability painful and annoying. Frustrated and occupied with a new baby boy I turned to WordPress and Wow! I don’t have to worry about cross browser debugging, scalability to device UI or keeping up with the WC3 changes. Anyone who simply does not have the time to deal with Windows and HTML 5 and want to have a great web site – go to WordPress.

One response to “What do a baby boy, WordPress, debugging HTML5 and Explorer have in common?”

  1. After leaving this blog entry I came across this tumblr comment. I am glad I am not the only one experiencing Explorer and HTML5 problems. This tumblr comment was rather funny.

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