George Eastman, the User Experience Designer of the Nineteenth Century

“The Kodak, invented by George Eastman (1854-1932), is perhaps the most significant commercial camera ever produced. The important feature of the Kodak was not the camera itself but the new photographic system marketed to support it.” BBC In pictures: Kodak’s development

ImageIn 1888, George Eastman understood that the user experience is central to a successful product. For century Kodak marketed the idea “You take the picture we do the rest”. Eastman knew that to create a great product, engineers needed to make photo production transparent to the user. Fast forward to today. Steve Jobs created a system or ecosystem that distributes user content seamlessly. In other words, users do not have to transfer files or do any heavy lifting. Jobs’s strategy is akin to the early photographic pioneer George Eastman. Eastman realized that the general masses did not want to spend their time in a dark room. Jobs knew – You download a file we do the rest…

Sited from BBC, 19 Jan, 2012 In pictures: “Kodak – the company that invented the hand-held camera.”